Saturday, July 26, 2008

Box of Chocolates

I'm so proud. Since I started this blog I've been planning to write about a former student. In my 25 years of teaching I've had about 2700 students pass through my classroom door. Many keep in contact for a year or so after graduation and less keep in contact longer. I have a handful of students well past college age who I still keep in touch with.
However, one student got under my skin, crawled through me straight to my heart and sat herself there like a naughty kid in the time-out chair. She wasn't poor or homeless or lonely or friendless, she just needed something that, apparently I had. A few times a week she'd appear at my door after school, to talk, to question, for approval that she mattered, I think. She'd sit and stare, comfortable with the quiet as I would finish up some work...a dear...a petite blond, with big brown eyes peering at me..silently.
You would think "cheerleader" if you saw her even today. However, this sweetie has seen more of life than most people and has been to "there" and back too many times. She suffered her share of teenage angst and then had many years after high school seriously struggling to get her act together. And I mean, seriously. She'll write her own story about those years one day.
But now I'm happy to say I attended her wedding and rejoiced with her when she had a little baby girl. She's a wonderful wife, mother, and.........blogger! You can find her here: blogging along with her best friend. I think they are hysterical. They make me laugh out loud.


Aislyn said...

I love you!

Marie said...

me too!