Monday, September 01, 2008

Nie Recovery

You'll notice I have a new box on the side of my blog called, Nie Recovery.

Two weeks ago I learned through reading someone else's blog, that a lovely young couple with four children were in a serious private plane accident in Arizona. The pilot, Doug Kinneard did not survive the accident. The children of the couple were not with them. This couple's recovery will be long, painful and expensive, and their family has set up numerous ways wonderful friends in the blogging community can help...prayers being the number one request.

I haven't any idea why I feel compelled to do something, but I do. Go to her sister's website and read their story. Or, go to this New York Times article and read it.

If it touches you like it touched me, you can do something too, by clicking on the Donate to NieNie box on my blog.

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Natasha said...

Hi Janie,

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