Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Shining Through

He left the house at 7 AM. He sat in traffic for an hour. He walked a mile and sailed across a river. He stood with 300,000 others in the bitter cold until noon......to get the shot. :)


Jessica said...

I love this. Steeler fans know dedication like nobody else!

Jeanne in Louisiana said...

Hi. That picture was awesome. Did a gentleman with the initials N.E. take this and leave home @ 7 a.m.?
Great story too! Miss them Steelers, but they were awesome on the TV too. Your buddy in warm Louisiana.

Peter said...

Dear Lisa, Bill sent me your Blogadress and I read the Marshall-girls part in october 2007. Why is it that Marshall-girls brings tears to my eyes? So many things were so familiar to me. The warmth in which you talk about your mother (and dad) is almost tangible to me. I think of her with great respect and love. I now realise that in giving Wendy her middle name Jane was not invane. In the 56 days - as you mentioned between your dads and mams death - it was faith that brought Wendy and mam together and the embrase between those two still brings tears to my eyes when I think about that particular moment. She was such a beautifull person that calling her "mam" came natural to me. She was, she realy was.
We visited your dad in the home and when I talked to him it was as if he realised that it was me. He said "Pete I need to cry a lot", those words are still in my mind.
Our visit to your home in 1994 and the hospitality we received will always be vivid memories. I will put your Blog in my favorites and check it now and then. We are fine here in Holland and I am enjoying my retirement. Have you considered comming to Holland with Sharon or Nelson? I will be glad to show you arround as we did with Honey and Bill.
Your writing is very enjoyable to read. I bet you would be a good author too !!
Love Pete