Saturday, January 10, 2009

Winter Irony

A snow storm blew in from Chicago late last night.

It started coming down heavily around 2AM with a light dusting, escalating to a dense downward flow and continuing with a hard, non-stop deluge of small but powerful little flakes with no end in sight. It was very cold and there was a good four to five inches on the ground so that by 5AM if a decision had to be made, administrators would be calling the bus garage to get the news that the roads were too dangerous to transport students and they would have to call a Snow Day!

Except today is Saturday! :(


Melissa said...

Crap! Don't you hate that? It's an abomination for the Universe to waste a perfectly good winter storm on a weekend!


Mrs. G. said...

At my house we call that a waste of good snow!