Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Horticulturist, I'm not

Remember when I said this:

It will bring joy to the recipient for a long time. January and February will be delightful as the bulb grows taller and taller. Late February and March will be amazing as the flower pod begins to form and open, and by the beginning of Spring your gift will be in full bloom.

What did I know? I'm a horticulture idiot. This bulb grew its little Amaryllis pants off and was in full bloom in only 22 days. Each day there was noticeable growth and now we're enjoying the beautiful red flowers. I think I did do something wrong however, because there are still some little parts that didn't grow at all. I think I stunted it when I moved it around for the picture. Oh well, it was fun.

To make up for my horticulture error, I'm announcing my first contest/giveaway. It will start tomorrow and the recipient (winner) will be announced Sunday. I want to give all my seven readers a change to participate. :)

Check back tomorrow afternoon for my first exciting giveaway. Here's a hint: It's something I've talked about on this blog, and it's NOT an Amaryllis bulb.

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