Monday, December 01, 2008

Brady and Lilly - A Labrador Retriever tale

These are my sister's dogs. I've chosen not to show you their faces, this being a public blog and all. :)

In an earlier post I said she talks to her dogs as if they were human. Well, she does and it works.

Case in point: Last summer she was having her house painted. The painter squatted by his tools to put something back and the chocolate lab, the younger more energetic, the "I never stop moving from one thing to another all day long, nope, nope, nope never stop moving" chocolate lab, came rushing up behind him, grabbed the red bandanna handkerchief from his back pocket and in a flash took off up the hill and into the woods.
My sister screamed, "Lilly, bring that back!" Nothing. She yelled again, "Lilly bring that back!" Nothing. The painter continued painting and about fifteen minutes later Brady, the older, wiser, "I wish that kid would leave things alone and why do I always have to pick up after her" yellow lab, came sauntering down the hill with the red bandanna in his mouth and dropped it at the painter's feet.



Jessica said...

This is one of my favorite Brady and Lily stories! Stay tuned for what happens during the re-tiling of the kitchen floor...

Aislyn said...

I think I should send you a puppy for Christmas....


People just look at me like I'm nuts when I tell them that I rescue half mauled animals that the cat drags in...did it with a rat the other night. His little bug eyes staring at me as if he knew I wasn't going to hurt him.

Well, there's either a special place in heaven...or a padded room somewhere reserved for me.