Sunday, December 14, 2008

If You Fill It, They Will Come - Gift idea #3

Bird seed and bird feeders are fun to assemble and fun to watch. Kids just love to see the variety of birds that begin to flutter around the seed, and older adults who can't get out as often as they would like find joy in watching the birds feed.

Our feeders had been empty for about a year. I have a short attention span and as soon as a new project is working, I'm bored with it and have to move on. Then a while later I become interested again and a crazy cycle begins. I do that with a lot of things.

Anyway :), I bought a new feeder for the picture, and filled one with expensive seed, on the left and filled the other with the inexpensive seed, on the right.

I hung them Saturday afternoon and by Sunday morning the birds had returned to our feeders. No hard feelings, I suspect.

I thought I'd do a little experiment to see if I had discerning birds. Would the expensive seed attract the more elite birds, the cardinals, blue jays, red-headed wood peckers, or the yellow finch-like birds? Would the cheap seed be enough to satisfy the ordinary less colorful birds? The finches and those other little brown non-descript ones? As you can see I'm not a real bird watcher. I don't know their names I just like to watch them eat. I should get a book.

So did they flutter around one feeder more than another? You decide.

Here's the expensive, "Ruth's Chris Steak House" birdseed feeder.

And here's the "McDonald's" birdseed feeder.

I kid. :) The birds fluttered around both the same. The cheap seed cost $5.99 and the feeder for elite seed cost about $15.99. You can find lots of bird feeders and accessories all over the Internet and much better pictures of birds at those feeders than I have here. But you get the idea. And that's what this is all about, gift ideas, not award winning photos, yet.

Gift idea #3 ... done!

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