Monday, December 08, 2008

Amaryllis Starter Kit - Gift idea #2

This little gift serves a number of purposes. Most of my friends are ready to purge things from their house and downsize to a more manageable environment. Nobody wants another glass bowl, or picture frame, or gloves, scarfs or hats. We have dozens of these items in our basement already. Consumables are the best bet for Christmas for us.

But, you can get rid of some of the items that are cluttering your basement or garage with this little idea. You'll want to give this to someone younger than me who still finds joy in the knick-knack it will come in.

First, go to your basement or garage and find a container, crock pot, vase, or bowl that you've stored because you can't part with it yet. Bring those to your work area where you've place an Amaryllis bulb you purchased at the Garden Store for $9.99. You can use Paper Whites, Daffodils or Tulip bulbs if you want. I like the Amaryllis for the single stem and two or three flowers look.

Next go out to your driveway and gather a few rocks, or buy some river rocks at the Garden Store for about $5.00

The next and last part is easy. Fill the container of your choice with a few rocks, put the Amaryllis bulb on the rocks, the add a few more rocks to secure the bulb. Put water in the container just to cover the roots and in no time at all you'll see the start of a plant.

It will bring joy to the recipient for a long time. January and February will be delightful as the bulb grows taller and taller. Late February and March will be amazing as the flower pod begins to form and open, and by the beginning of Spring your gift will be in full bloom.

Gift Idea #2.....done!

And sure there are plenty of sites online that you can order the same exact thing, but what fun would that be, and how will you get rid of your junk? :)

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